Success Stories

Success Stories


Nina’s counseling was invaluable to me in discovering my new career path. Her process helps you to think methodically and rationally about your interests and abilities, which is incredibly difficult to do on your own. She approaches her clients with a deep sense of intuition, but she allows you to make your own discoveries and reach your own conclusions. She conducts her sessions in a serene setting, and her personality and process put me immediately at ease. Through a combination of exercises and discussion she guides you to your passions and talents. For me, this led to a revelation that now seems obvious, but that I was afraid to embrace before. I am forever grateful for her help, and I highly recommend her!

-Chris L., Colorado

I really want to thank you for your assistance in this process. Your advice and coaching was instrumental in getting me an acceptable offer from Google. I couldn’t have done it without you and I’ll certainly recommend your services to anyone I know in the area who begins a job search in the future.

-S.H., New York City

I can honestly say that working with Nina gave me an excellent foundation for thinking about myself, my skills, my values, my needs, and how I could apply this newfound knowledge to my career and job search. Having recently landed a new job, I feel much more positive about my future success there and future success in general.


I believe that what I took away from my experience with Nina was not just a bunch of one-off tips but a structure for understanding and thinking about jobs, work, and careers for the rest of my life. I have no doubt that she saved me enormous amounts of time and heartache trying to work through all of this all on my own.

-N.D., Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

By the time I met Nina I was 10 years overdue for career counseling. After several ad hoc career decisions made on my own I was no longer willing to chance my future to a whim. Needless to say, after all that time there was a lot to sort out before I got where I needed to be.


Nina was with me every step of the way cheering me on, and believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. She was able to provide what was missing for me, and moved me past what I was capable of on my own.


After all the work we’ve done together I can honestly say I’ve never had such a clear picture of who I am or the work I’m meant to do. And let me tell you, that is every bit as satisfying as it sounds.

-L.Z., Lafayette, Colorado

One year, I found myself without a job or a clear path for a meaningful career. When I chose Nina to help me navigate this overwhelming task, I soon realized it was the best money I have ever spent. I had some foggy ideas and notions about career options, but it was Nina who helped me focus on what was important for me – not what was important for others. Nina’s exquisite listening skills and sincere encouragement helped to quickly get to the heart of the matter. After much research and soul searching, we developed a career path that included graduate school and two very rewarding jobs.


I have floated in and out of Nina’s business when I needed a “tune-up” on my resume or help with important career decisions. Nina’s coaching skills have had a tremendous impact on me. Even my husband was thrilled with Nina’s guidance on contract and salary negotiations…same for another friend.


I cannot overstate her contribution to my life.

– K. S., Boulder, Colorado

For the past 30 years I have been working in the fields of teaching and ministry. I have seen so many people trying to realize their dream of finding their path in life. But from my own experience, I know that you need someone to help you through the process of imagining and realizing the direction of your journey.


When I was searching for some help, I found Nina and she guided me through a process of imagining and realizing my vocational potential. The work I completed with her allowed me to make a plan for my life’s work. She is exceptional in her ability to listen, to plan, and to give support, as well as the amazing network and breadth of knowledge she brings to her work. I have had contact with many career counselors, but I always refer people to Nina first, because she is the best counselor I have met.


I am so confident about her abilities that I referred my own 26 year-old son and 23 year-old daughter to her as they begin their journeys. No matter where you are on your journey, I recommend Nina as the person who can help you realize your dreams and your potential.

– J. B., Ph.D., Malibu, California

What Nina has given me is much more than career insight, it’s insight into who I am. We come to crossroads in our careers (and lives) for so many reasons. Nina is an expert at helping people get past obstacles. On so many occasions I have gone back to the work I did with Nina, not just for career purposes, but to remind myself of what’s important to me. She helped me to see the value in my skills, to find the words to articulate my goals, and to own the confidence to pursue the path I wanted. I recommend her highly.

– F. F., Rochester, New York

Nina has been an exceptional career and life coach. She has had a profound impact on my professional and personal life. Nina’s non-judgmental approach has not only allowed me to clarify my career objectives and goals, but also to examine the issues that have blocked me from pursuing my potential.


Nina’s support, compassion, and warmth have provided me with a safe environment in which to examine my strengths and weaknesses without fear or embarrassment. As a result of my work with Nina, I have been able to make career and life choices that are right for me and that have increased my professional and personal happiness and satisfaction.

– P. W., Lafayette, Colorado

I started working with Nina after I decided that my current job was not challenging, and my employer started laying people off because of adverse market conditions. At that point in my career, I had not interviewed anywhere in five years. Nina helped me understand that the career goals I set for myself were achievable, and indeed were exactly what I wanted. With her guidance, I revised my resume with focused content and a contemporary format. She also helped me draft a template for a cover letter that I then edited for individual employers’ needs.


When I got an invitation for an interview, Nina coached me in interviewing skills and my presentation style. One technique that was very helpful was rehearsing anticipated interview questions, with immediate critique and repetition to solidify what I learned. Working with Nina also gave me the confidence to negotiate a more challenging assignment with my current employer. I recommend Nina to anyone wanting to change his or her relationship to the workplace.

– T. B., Boulder, Colorado

It is no exaggeration to say that I would not have found my way without you! Instead of shoving a bunch of career ideas at me and telling me to pick one (as so many other career advisers have done), you guided me on a journey of discovery from the inside out. I am amazed that by the time we reached the end, social work school seemed like the natural and obvious path. I hope you continue helping others as you have helped me- they need you! I will keep you updated as my Masters of Social Work progresses. Thank you!

– J.W., Boulder, Colorado

NINA!!! YOU were a large part of helping make my life happen! I am STILL changing, morphing to what comes next! I am STILL taking classes, and STILL Learning- about relationships, love, life and new places and things to do! THANK YOU, Nina, for all that you taught me! You will ALWAYS be a ROCK STAR in my eyes!

– D. L., Sarasota, Florida

I worked with Nina at a crucial time of transition in both my career and life. Her professional style and technique meshed well with my desire to discover and understand my future goals, strengths, and passion. Years after our work together, I’ve found, pursued, and obtained the work qualities that revealed themselves with Nina’s guidance. A big bonus is that, after many years, my life “style” has been affected and guided with the information mined from the process. I stay in contact with Nina to this day, and consider her a touchstone in my life.

– D. R., Sante Fe, New Mexico

I was told after an interview for a position that I did not get that I came off as nervous or holding back in the interview. I had been on many interviews and did not get any of the positions so after hearing that, I decided I needed an interview coach. I found Nina Friedman when I did an online search for interview coaches in the Denver area. She had the best credentials and the most experience out of everyone I found. I also liked that she has her own business and is not part of a large career counseling company. I called her with some initial questions and she called me back right away and answered them. I decided to go with her and we set up a consultation session so she could get to know me and my needs before we did mock interviews. I am glad we did the consultation first because she would not have been as helpful to me in the mock interviews if she didn’t understand my situation and my needs.
We ended up having two mock interview sessions. Nina told me when I was coming across in a negative way based on my words and body language. Many of these times I had no idea that what I was saying or doing was coming across negatively. She gave me tips and ideas of what to say and do that would make me come
across in a positive way. She also explained to me what the interviewers are thinking in an interview and what they are looking for in a candidate. That really helped me to try to be the candidate they were looking for and to understand where they were coming from.
After my two mock interview sessions I felt more prepared for my future interviews. I called Nina after I was called for an interview to let her know about it and ask her questions. She also wanted me to call her after each interview to let her know how I felt about it and again after I found out if I got the job or not. During many of these conversations I asked Nina for advice about the interview or followup process and we spoke on the phone for 15-30 minutes. She was not paid for these conversations, so she was helping me for free. I was really grateful for her help during these phone conversations and I was eager to hear her opinions on what happened in the interviews. I don’t think any other interview coach cares as much about their clients as Nina does and goes out of their way to help their clients, even if it means talking to them on the phone for free. All of Nina’s help finally paid off when I got a great job. I was very satisfied with my experience with Nina Friedman and I recommend her to anyone who needs help getting a job. 

– Rachel S., Denver, Colorado

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